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V-Pal Project Team 3 Indonesia's Story Behind

V-Pal project is about video-pals-project between 
UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta Indonesia and Kanda University International Studies Chiba Japan
There are 4 team each country
Each team with same number swap its video with a question to answer
We have a minute to answer the question and three minutes for resume the last video
I am positioning in Indonesia's 3rd Team with Nana, Rezza, Andyan, and Sandi
And facing Japan 3rd Team such as Takuya, Natsumi, Emina, Sara, and Inkwan
I'm totally happy to join this project!

Beside that I learned about how-to-edit-movie as well
1st and 2nd video was handled by Fuad Naim
But in 3rd video he had to finish his own project, so I had to heading it by myself
It was not easy as you can see
There was my first trial editing and DAMN I didn't know what should I do!
I' m about to cry...
At the same time; 
me with Mr Wexa Pradana went to Mr Panji to helping us
Well I've got Sony Vegas 5.0 to editing the video
Though I still don't know how to edit
Okay with some serious exercises from Mr Panji


I was totally happy when my first trial editing almost finished
But suddenly, in 2 days going to upload's day, I woke, 
Hey.... where's the back song?
Where is it?
Kyaaaahhh~ there's nothing!
The video from the handycam can't be put in Sony Vegas 5.0!
How to control it??!!??

I was about to die when I know the song could not be share in Sony Vegas 5.0
Suddenly someone is coming
He's Arip *Arip who, I dunno :p
Arip's coming was like an angel
Mr Wexa took him about a negotiation so he could help our team to editing

Again, I was about to cry cause of (now) happiness
Alhamdulillah ...
I have a Big God!

Step by step I learned editing with Vegas Pro 10.0
He (Arip) told me Vegas Pro 10.0 was more complete and easy
Ok, I believe I can't handle with someday
When the day has come...
I didn't let the other totally helping us -again- for the last project of V-Pal
Just for the last of this project
If I've been tried yet, how could you know if you can?!
That's my trust till now :-)
You can see about the differentiation between 3rd video going to 4th video
3rd video was so simple and bad look, OMG!
Hahaha, but I don't much care about the past
I just thinking of how to make it better in the next video
Also, I want to make them proud of me in the 4th and the last (resume video project)
Okay, time to worked hard!

Alhamdulillah, Allah Blessed Me :')
Not as good as Fuad, Arip, or Japan's editing but not too bad I guess




1. First Video - Introducing ourselves: Actvity after Class

2. Second Video - Answering Japanese Famous Singer in Indonesia

3. Third Video - Answering the Busiest Place in Our City

4. Forth Video - Answering Indonesian Favourite Foods

5. Final Project : Resume of all the answer

Yes, that's all
But why now I share it into my personal blog
There's something special in this project
What's that?

During learning about editing
I always make them (lecture and everyone) sure that I can editing
(without Fuad's or Arip's help) with my best
So, outside of the project I try made it project by myself for our best assistant lecture
Happy birthday to you Mr Wexa Pradana!
Thanks for helping us!

NB: Someday I will tell you about our failed traditional dance for our 1st Video V-Pal Project
Just wait and see guys! ;)

Thank You!

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  1. Keep trying my sista :) proud with your spirit :)

    1. Huaaa~ thank you my bro, I keep your quote's well "learn no one, face without anyone"